TVC Announces a Memorandum of Understanding with Texas-based AccelerateH2O

We are pleased to announce we’ve entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with AccelerateH2O (, a statewide initiative under the Texas Research & Technology Foundation, a Texas 501(c)(3) non-profit. AccelerateH2O is a catalyst for Texas’s $9 billion water technology market, and established to break through barriers and put the world’s best technologies to work.



More, from our press release:

The agreement will position AccelerateH2O to leverage TVC’s unique relationship with leading scientific and technical research from New Mexico-based U.S. Department of Energy and Department of Defense laboratories and Lockheed Martin Corporation.

“To be globally competitive, U.S. companies must always work to be on the leading edge of innovation,” said Richard Seline, AccelerateH2O’s executive director and senior advisor. “We are excited about the advantage our access to federal research, expertise, and commercially-potential technologies brings to addressing Texas water challenges, similar issues effecting all the Southwest U.S.”

AccelerateH2O has coordinated and launched several programs and initiatives, and seeks to extend the utilization and impact to unique consortia and public-private partnerships in and beyond the state’s borders, according to the MOU.

TVC looks to build the relationship with AccelerateH2O by linking technology entrepreneurs, lab technologies, researchers, investment capital and talent in the southwest region with opportunities and markets in Texas, including evaluation and piloting integrated products and services through several Innovative Water Technology Demonstration Hubs for desalination, reuse, conversation, and so-called “smart water.”

“The looming issue for many lab-generated technologies is the perceived ‘Valley of Death,’ or that time between proof of concept and adoption into a deployed solution,” said John Freisinger, CEO of TVC.  “Our partnership with AccelerateH2O and its InvestH2O Forum allows us to better define critical paths to market, essentially bridging the Valley of Death and helping to propel new technologies into the marketplace.”

TVC is expanding its current regional outreach efforts from both a capital exploration and network expansion perspective, as well as collaborative and partnership business-to-business opportunities.  The MOU will facilitate contact and discussion on matters of common interest and provide a framework for future cooperation, to benefit the Texas-New Mexico water-related community.

“The collaboration between Technology Ventures Corporation and AccelerateH2O strengthens the ongoing work between academic and non-profit research institutions by targeting specific paths to immediately commercializing breakthrough and innovative tools, integrated solutions as the Southwest continues to face droughts, depleted aquifers, growing populations, and agriculture and energy demands,” said Ed Archuleta, former President of the El Paso Water Utility, and Chairman of AccelerateH2O.

More info to come!

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